Wake up about 6::00am to prepare to go to my first life TV Interview. Sure i was a little bit exited. Especially it´s our Hamburg TV Host – Hamburg 1.  Very beautiful sunshine and weather…



The show was Hamburg 1 – „frühcafé“ – and the Studio is at Rothenbaumchaussee.

邀请我做电视采访的是汉堡1频道 “早间咖啡”栏目,他们的直播间在Rothenbaumchaussee。

The two host Verena Vorjohann and Marco Ostwald are very nice and kind person and i feel very compfortable there. They also joking a lot so we had fun there. 

直播间的两位主持人,Verena VorjohannMarco Ostwald 非常幽默和善,我在那儿感到非常轻松。度过了很愉快的时光!


Verena and Marco – two very nice host at Hamburg1 frühcafé

汉堡1频道早间咖啡栏目的两位非常友善的主持人Hamburg1 frühcafé

They organize everything by themself and this impress me. I always thought moderators from TV are a little bit snobbish. No they are not – this was my today´s pre-justice and now i know it better.



hamburg1-3I had a really good time there and also can see the studio and how they operate this show. Thank you to let me take part.


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