Hello, everyone.

My name is Kai Markus – I ́m the crazy one who will run from Germany to China. Although I am really a great sports enthusiast, I ́m not one of professional athletes who devote their lives to sports. You must be so confused and interested in that why a person as me will do such incredible thing. So now please give me a chance to show you my unbelievable idea and introduce the project–Run My Silk Road to you .

 I was born in 1972 in Bavaria – the place where I do love and really influence myself so much. As we all know, Bavarian primary terrain include Bavarian plateau and the Alps, so it affects my character evidently. I am keen on exercise especially skiing and have been doing sport as a crazy sports amateur. When I was young , my major was gymnastic and even got the chance to be a lifeguard to help people.

There is no doubt I got a lot of fun and experiences from these various activities in sport clubs and competitions . I have learned how to deal with pressure and failure. Grown up in a Catholic monastery I have learned not only how to get well along with different people but also to be brave and strong-willed whilst judging others without prejudices. On the flip side, one of my teachers who has lived in China for nearly 30 years influenced my world outlook a lot , particularly some views of China. In addition to him, my grandparents as well as Helmut Schmidt have great impact on my way of thinking.

I got the license as a gymnastic trainer, so I can train children swimming and skiing meanwhile other kinds of activities which can make children to be stronger, strengthen their confidence and be able to deal with pressure which they would get stuck in one or several stages during their lives.

After graduated from school I got a good chance from Dresdner-Commerzbank. I have learned a lot there and was Management Trainer and Manager at Deutschbank. Engaged in banking industry 17 years, I have set up my own parallel company already since 1998 which its main business are about Management and Finance Consulting as well as Education programs.

My company has many clients from different countries, especially from China . I have been to China so often , it is difficult for me to understand all Chinese culture but I have been trying to understand it as much as possible. There are plenty of similarities between Chinese culture and Bavarian, so I have a very close feeling to China, its culture and society.

With the development of Chinese economy , China has made conspicuous progress in various fields for the past decades. But many people still have the old views about China, when talking about Chinese products equal them to inferior quality. I am sure not all Chinese products are equal to bad quality. For instance, after tried most European medicines and had no remarkable effects on my pain shoulder, I was surprised that the traditional Chinese medicine cured of it. 

 China is trying to become better and better . Now the new „one road one belt“ and „made in China 2025“ policy really fit to my way of thinking.

All these together contributed to my running which has formed in my mind since 2014. In 2016 I am taking actions to come true it.

The motivations for this running from several aspects:

  • To encourage young generations to pursue and fulfill their dreams – Where there is a will.
  • To show young generations what is significance of team-work spirit – Weak things united become strong. Alone you can reach many things, together we can reach everything.
  • To understand Chinese and their mentalities better.
  • To trust Chinese products and be willing to run more than 12.000 km to bring the different cultures together with Chinese brands and products what I choose for my running.
  • To pay my homage to the continuous 5,000-year-old culture of China.
  • To remind us that what Chinese grand philosopher Confucius said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
  • To connect German and Chinese societies through cultural bridge.

 To support and join us please click here Team, we are sincerely waiting for YOU!