Hello friends and follower,

i´m Kai Markus – i´m born 1972 in Bavaria, also i grow up there. In the school of Maristen i learn to build up my willpower and target oriented thinking.

My slogan is: „Alone you can reach many things – but together as a team you can reach everything.“

Alfons Hölzl – my Gymnastic Trainer and  the lifeguard training at Bavarian Red Cross have a huge impact to build up a very good sustainable stamina.

I like skiing, climbing, swimming and all kind of sport. Also i love to experience different cultures and now i start to make www.runmysilkroad.com as a project to connect cultures. Mainly German and Chinese cultures.

For this i start to run from Hamburg to Shanghai in 1/2017. This is a private initiative and i hope you all will follow my project and encourage me.

Thank you all