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Hello dear friends, sponsors and all people who supporting my dream, only 86days from the start of my run ,now i wanna tell you some newest information.

  1. Startday: the start will be the weekend 11./12.03.2017 at City Hall Place
  2. Arrival time: i will arrive (as long everything goes well) in End of October beginning of November in Shanghai
  3. Route: i will run in 8 countries, 2 continent – total distance more than 12000 km. cross the pamir mountains and the taklamakan dessert. start in Hamburg Germany, go to Poland, white Russia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and kirgisistan into china and completely across china to Yichang and shanghai
  4. more than 18500000 steps, more than 1600 hours running time, 236 day on the way. 24 Cultural Pause days to show the positive things about all the countries and mainly of china
  5. Wear as much as possible products made in china or Chinese brands

before i start to China i will have a speech at Konfuzius institute of Hamburg University to introduce my project. 13.01.2017 – 19:00 Uhr


Also i will make my last big training starting 15.01.2017 from Hamburg to Nürnberg. last visit my family (brother, sister, uncle auntie). 550 km complete with tent, bag pack 20 kg on my back. sleep in the tent and bring all things myselfe.


This training should give me more power and muscles but also make you all so see – „this guy is really crazy enough really go to china“ i need you all to trust into my project – this motivates me the most.

Please share my articles, follow me and help me make it big and running well

You all part of the big team – thank you a lot my friends

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离 丝绸之路长跑仅有86天的时间了,在此我想为大家公布几条重要的消息。

  1. 跑步开始时间:将设定在2017年3月11/12日 周末的一天。
  2. 到达结束时间:如果跑步途中顺利的话,我将在2017年10月底或是11月初到达上海。
  3. 跑步路线:跑步途径8个国家2大洲,全程将超过12000公里,穿越帕米尔高原以及塔克拉玛干沙漠。从德国汉堡开始,经过波兰,白俄罗斯,俄罗斯,卡萨克斯坦,乌兹别克斯坦以及吉尔吉斯斯坦,然后进入中国,横跨中国然后绕道跑到宜昌,最后再抵达上海。
  4. 跑完总计超过185万步,总跑步时长超过1600小时236天。沿途,有24天作为文化活动日,将会宣传中国以及当地的优良文化,但是着重还是向世界展示中国的文化。
  5. 尽可能的穿戴以及使用由中国制造的或是中国品牌的产品。

跑步开始前,我将会在汉堡大学孔夫子学院做关于此次跑步行动的演讲,时间定2017年1月13日 晚上7点.


2017年1月15日,我将为此次跑步提前热身, 我将从德国北部汉堡跑向德国南部纽伦堡,我的家乡所在地,与我的妹妹,哥哥,叔叔,阿姨告别。全程550公里, 我将背着20公斤的背包(所有我需要使用的必需品),晚上睡帐篷。

我希望这次热身训练,会给我注入更多的能量,加强我的肌肉以及身体素质,最重要的是告诉大家,“这个人真的疯了,真的会跑来中国。‘’ 赢得大家的信任,将会最终激励我完成此次长跑。