A daily business is to discuss with sponsors. The spirit of answers is really interesting. Some are serious some are tricky but some are only funny.

Funny like today…

Maybe you read something about Pamir Mountains befor…Pamir Mountains

They belong to the world highest mountain area.


So I’m a little confused that one of the potential sponsors say: this project don’t have the vertical direction and not links to Mountain Sport. Even I only want have tent and sleeping bag from them. I didn’t know the tent and sleeping bag can use „only“ in mountains „vertical“

Better ask before you buy this kind of stuff – hahahaha 

I will not show the brand. The brand is really good and I use this for high mountain climbing since more than 20 years. Unfortunally I used my tent also in desert before.  

Dear Company Sxxxxa I promise I will never use „vertical“ material in „horizontal“ areas. I didn’t know this material is not good for „horizontal“ places.

Wow what a start into my day. Let’s see what happens next.

I’m very happy some sponsors are whise and smart. They accept material in all kind of difficult terrain. 

Good chapter for my book