为了节约成本,大部分时间我只能在帐篷和车里面过夜休息。每天的跑步,我需要大概12000卡路里的能量,除了沿途的当地食物以为, 我还需要补充特殊宇航员食物。








Tourplan from Hamburg to Shanghai

For a long time, people expecting to know  the route of my run, finally, today I’m very excited to  publish this route for  everyone to see.

According to the plan, i will run 234 days, and the distance range from 13468km to 14086km, across 8 countries, 25days for rest and cultural events.  I will across several high mountain range like pamir plateau, across Taklimakan desert.

I can expected all kinds of severe weather like the temperature will vary from -20 to +45 degrees,  heavy snow change to strong sun, different Terrain like tar, scree, grass, deep mud and sand. 

Most of the time i will sleep in the tent or in the car to save the cost. For keeping enough energy, i need about 12000cal per day, so I will take astronaut food and  local food.

Each day, i will run 6-12hours and 60-80km. The longest distance will be 103km per day and the shortest will be 38km.

Because I have to pass by some military bases, and try to avoid Al-Qaida areas, so please understand i can not give out to many detail at this stage. I  will let you know  the information short before i start the run. 

I will wear a life tracking equipment which will show my location all the time.

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I appreciate your great support and help, for all of you who treat this project like your own. 

Only together with you , we can make this successful.