12.000 km - 里丝绸之路德国至中国

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China Time Opening Hamburg 

Reception of the 1. Major and the Senate Chancellery of Free and Hanseatic City Hamburg. Honoring 30. anniversary Sister City Shanghai   

New article in news…

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Shenzhen CUHK (SZ) Students are so cool

My first 3D www.runmysilkroad.com Video

Thanks to my friend in Tianjin who made my first 3D www.runmysilkroad.com video That’s fascinating and awesome-his company finish the whole process in less than 1/2 day. You should keep an eye on his ideas. Also he is a very… Weiterlesen →

China i’m comming … Next stop Moskow:)

Today my China preperation Journey Starts. Via Russian Airlines (Aeroflot) i will arrive Beijing early early morning 15th October.  Luckily the shirts all ready yesterday – I’ll say: just in time 🙂 See you all in China – now soon… Weiterlesen →

how this rout planning works? / 看我们如何计划跑步行程的

若想阅读中文 请往下看 (chinese below) Many of you ask me how to prepare and plan a marathon tour via 8 countries and with more than 12.000 km. In deed – it´s a challenge but with China Tours, me and the friends from… Weiterlesen →

www.runmysilkroad.com visit China / 10月-11月在中国行程

若想阅读中文 请往下看 Now my visit to China comes closer. This year my visit will be totally different than the years before. This year i will meet several important cooperation partners for www.runmysilkroad.com.  11th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair Publik Training with… Weiterlesen →

China Tours support by organizing the route for my run / 中国之旅大力支持 帮助策划跑步全程

若想阅读中文 请往下看 Today from 15:00 to 17:00 ,i had really good meeting with China Tours ,which have many experience and professional knowledge for tour planning and problem solving . We discussed many issues and cases ,like how to organize and transport… Weiterlesen →

The 1. Planning Meeting … 行程计划会议

Today we will have the first route planning meeting with the experts who have many experiance for planning tours, they are from  China Tours in Hamburg. 今天会和中国之旅公司计划跑步行程和路线,中国之旅在策划跨境旅行上有着丰富的经验,非常专业。 Planning more than 12.000 via 7-8 countries, with a stop every 60-80 km… Weiterlesen →

An other meeting with one of the guys:)) 

Meet Andreas – one of the core team members. We had nice lunch at Red Chamber and discussed about the next steps. I really appreciated that he could take his time during his work for the www.runmysilkroad.com – I wanna… Weiterlesen →

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