12.000 km - 里丝绸之路德国至中国



12000公里丝绸之路德国至中国 首次架起文化桥梁的马拉松长跑 – Route

Here you can see the route planning. The red day´s are my cultural day´s on this day´s i will have no run and i will show the culture from this country and this city. Germany – 5 Day´s – ca…. Weiterlesen →

how this rout planning works? / 看我们如何计划跑步行程的

若想阅读中文 请往下看 (chinese below) Many of you ask me how to prepare and plan a marathon tour via 8 countries and with more than 12.000 km. In deed – it´s a challenge but with China Tours, me and the friends from… Weiterlesen →

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