12.000 km - 里丝绸之路德国至中国



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Shenzhen CUHK (SZ) Students are so cool

My first 3D www.runmysilkroad.com Video

Thanks to my friend in Tianjin who made my first 3D www.runmysilkroad.com video That’s fascinating and awesome-his company finish the whole process in less than 1/2 day. You should keep an eye on his ideas. Also he is a very… Weiterlesen →

www.runmysilkroad.com visit China / 10月-11月在中国行程

若想阅读中文 请往下看 Now my visit to China comes closer. This year my visit will be totally different than the years before. This year i will meet several important cooperation partners for www.runmysilkroad.com.  11th EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair Publik Training with… Weiterlesen →



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